Hi, my name is Ann, I have lived a simple life, yet with a touch of class and excellence.  I've experienced many challenges that caused me to look at life differently.

When you have been through so much in your lifetime the only hope that you have is to look up.  Because I have chosen to do so, I must hold on to what God has placed inside of me.  It is my dream to own my online business.  I haven't worked a j.o.b.  in quite some time now.  And it has truly been a real journey.

I have always been independent and I know how I want to live.  Having a j.o.b. would not be enough for me. No j.o.b. can ever pay me what I am truly worth. I know for a fact that I can pay myself better. This is why I dream big andthink bigger. I know with God's help I can make it all work for me and others.

I have a quote that I live by that keeps me motivated, passionate, and determined about what I do in building my own online business while using the computer for internet marketing.  The quote is: "In order to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did". I have never spent hours and hours of working on the computer building my skills, reading lots of information, communicating and networking with people in the way in which I have.  I knew this would be a journey that I could not go on alone.  The main person who has always been with me through it all is God!  I give him all the Glory and Praise for leading me and guiding me through it all.  I know how important it is to put God first in everything, especially building my online business.

There are many successful leaders in the Network Marketing Industry who have inspired me, motivated me, encouraged me and gave me a  kind word that I needed to hear.  I will name just a few: Ivan Harris, Sr, Maurice G. Jenkins, Garry Best, Vickie Wooden, Lynn Hamilton, Stan Williams, Tracy Mx Shaw,  Renee Montgomery, Berdel Warrior, Gwen Pledger, and Jamal Griffin and these are just a few of the many that I can list.

In my closing: <<<SMART WOMEN FINISH RICH>>>
Focus on what makes you unique. You have to use the gifts and talents that God has given you. We are all blessed in ways that make us stand out from everyone else. Wherever you go you will always make a grand entrance and be the conversational piece of the event.


"The elegence of a strong woman"